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10 values ​​that we must develop in our sons and daughters

All moms and dads want the best for our sons and daughters. Sometimes we ask ourselves, what is the most important thing that we must instill in them, then we show a series of values ​​that should not be lacking in the child from the earliest childhood.


Kindness: being loving and gentle with oneself and with others. The best way to teach them this is through the example that parents show daily. Giving thanks in the face of praise or loans, sharing toys with colleagues, and showing affection towards friends would be some methods.

Respect for diversity: we are all the same regardless of physical appearance, skin color or habits. We must show our children a healthy and open culture, where understanding and solidarity go hand in hand. Reading stories about other cultures, traveling to different places or taking them to summer camps, would be highly recommended activities for their promotion.

Obedience: everyone needs to adhere to a series of rules that distinguish what is authorized from what is not. One way to teach children this value is to explain the why of orders.

Love of nature: the best way for children to learn this love is to enrich their experiences, plan outdoor activities, whether in the mountains, fields or on the beach. Encouraging them to ask themselves how to take care of their environment will help them strengthen this love.

Friendship: it is one of the most important values, the one that will be lacking the most throughout our lives. Therefore, we must emphasize creating and strengthening the social relationships of our children. By inviting friends to our home, fostering camaraderie in class and in the park, we will be helping their development.

Tolerance: we must teach our children that it is very important to listen to others, exchange ideas without fighting, and respect any opinion even if we do not share it.

Perseverance: it is very important to teach children to get up if something does not go well for them and to do it again as many times as necessary to achieve the goal.

Respect for the common good: we must teach our children the value of things. It is important to teach them to take care of their environment: respect parks, use wastebaskets, etc. But also, you have to explain the care of objects.

Finally we will highlight generosity and kindness. Both go hand in hand. You have to explain the meaning of what is good and what is bad. We must teach to share avoiding the selfishness of certain ages.


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