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Are we ready for an innovative education?

Author: Francisco Vásquez

If you understand education as something other than practice and experience, you have been wrong in your perception of education. And all the famous philosophers like Einstein or Wittgenstein have said exactly the same thing, but the schools don’t. Roger schank

In this video from the famous Redes series, the Catalan professor, economist and scientific communicator Eduard Punset interviews international personalities, such as Roger Schank, Manuel Esteve or Francisco Rubio, specialists in education, teaching and new training processes.

What arises is a paradox, in which contradictory practices and guidelines coexist. It is said, not now, necessarily, but since ancient times, that learning must be taught by doing. That what is said is not learned, what is explained is not understood and that it is only by doing that the subject can truly learn. It seems that there is a consensus on this, but schools are doing the opposite, educational systems respond to ancient paradigms closer to medieval training than to some model focused on psychology or on the knowledge of the functioning of the brain that neuroscientists have contributed for decades.

What we call “classroom reality” imposes its truth on us, beyond the good arguments to change the practices in school or the behavior that it can offer or is even required of teachers, placing us as a society before a kind of a somewhat neurotic paradox between what teaching is said to be and what is required to be done in daily practice.

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