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Get to know A / B testing and make your campaign fly!

It is very common to hear about A / B testing, but do you really know what they are? Do not worry! We will explain it to you and tell you why they are so useful in Digital Marketing.

What are the famous A / B tests?

A / B testing

A / B tests, also known as multivariate tests, are a method by which variables of a digital marketing campaign are compared to identify which of these obtains the best response rate. For example, if you’re testing the background color of your landing pages as a variable to determine which one helps you drive the most conversions, you could compare red and green and analyze which one performs better.

Attention Marketers!

The example just used is very simple, these tests are implemented to improve both the conversion rates of landing pages, as well as email campaigns and many more elements of digital marketing and yet very few colleagues use them. Amazing, right?

A / B testing

Does your client need results? Here they are!

A small change can mean the result that you are hoping to show your client. We will list some concepts to think about when working with A / B tests. Don’t despair! These tips will guide you so that you know how to better optimize your digital strategies.

  1. Run one test at a time

As a general rule of thumb, especially if you are relatively new or new to the method of running A / B tests, you shouldn’t do more than one at a time. Eg: if you change the color of the landing page, let’s not change the copy as well.

  1. Analyze a single variable per test

We know that there is a lot to analyze, however to obtain good results it is always good to go variable by variable. In this way you will be able to more objectively analyze the results obtained in your campaign by seeing the effectiveness of each element. These variables can be from colors of your landing page to segments of a target or the writing of an article. We can test an infinity of variables!

  1. You must measure everything, to the last corner of your campaign!

When you carry out an A / B test, keep in mind how it affects all the items mentioned in the last graphic since they will strongly impact your campaign and objectives. For example: you can considerably increase the subscriptions to your page or newsletter and much more!

what is the digital marketing
  1. Always decide what you want to test

There are a number of variables that you can test when optimizing your landing pages, calls to action, and emails. You don’t have to limit yourself to just testing for background color or text size. Look at various elements in your marketing resources and their possible design alternatives and element arrangement. Also be careful when choosing the audience for each variable! Proper targeting of your audience is another key element for A / B Testing.

What will we get with all this? Worth it? Of course!

If you keep these tips in mind and do a lot of A / B testing, over time you will see how you will receive the opportunity to maximize conversion rates, solve problems, and question your assumptions about your campaign. Eventually you will also notice how these will affect ROI or return on investment favorably.

Do you feel like starting A / B Testing? We hope the article helps you put this method in perspective and improve your digital marketing campaigns and become the King of ROI with MD!

Note written by: Mauro Alegre



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