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Integrate SMS communication into your marketing plan

A company has to interact with its customers in different ways. SMS communication is just one of the working models that you can count on and, generally, it is present in most of the global plans of the big brands.

If you have not started using it yet, we want to explain everything about it. Thus, you will know what is the best way to integrate the messages within a global marketing strategy.

SMS in an ecommerce: part of the strategy

digital marketing strategy is characterized by using different means or channels of communication with customers through online media. Let’s think that the most successful strategies today, and those that yield the best results, are always those that know how to approach the potential buyer in a personalized and close way. That is to say: looking for him in those spaces in which he is moving. What’s more, even in several at the same time.

In this way, combining sending SMS with work on social networks, SEM advertising or long-term SEO strategies not only becomes something desirable, it is also essential. And it is that only by working in an integrated way, we can access our audience at the right time so that we get more sales.

The use of SMS in Mobile Marketing

Now, if we want to integrate this element into the strategy, we need to know well how it works and, at the same time, what opportunities it offers us. In other words, what valuable data can help us understand the enormous importance of using this means of communication:

– 9 out of ten online shoppers have made one or more of their purchases , at least once, through their mobile. Therefore, targeting advertising directly on this device will be especially successful for an ecommerce.

– 48% of purchases are initiated from the mobile . They don’t necessarily have to end, too, on this device. For example, a user may be browsing the Internet from her mobile and find a product or service that is interesting to her. And then buy it through the laptop. Actually, this transversality can be given at any time. And is that not all purchases are instantaneous. Many require some reflection. The important thing is that we can see how a significant volume of sales is started directly on the smartphone.

– 96% of SMS are opened . This is probably the most important piece of information of all. The mobile, therefore, is a starting point for purchases and is widely integrated as a device with which to access online stores. Furthermore, SMS text messages are opened in the vast majority of cases and are read due to their great relevance compared to other channels. This wide rate does not usually occur, not even close, in most of the media or channels that we have, in which we always have to start from the possibility that a large part of the public will ignore the message.

Better than a whatsapp or an email.

Thus, if we have to get in contact with potential clients and we have to choose a means, SMS is one of the ones with the best response rate. In large part because of the great open rate it registers.

Let’s think, for example, that within emails the open rate is much worse. We speak of between 15 – 25%.

Obviously, and as we have already seen, this does not mean that we only choose this communication model. Remember that the most effective thing is to integrate them all together in a global strategy. But we do have to bear in mind that this medium guarantees us more impacts than the others.

How to use SMS to sell through an ecommerce

What job or sales opportunities can we get using SMS in an ecommerce ? The truth is that SMS is not only used as a form of direct sales. It gives us other work options and can help us meet or fulfill different objectives. For example:

– An information channel: We can keep customers informed about orders, shipments, offers or any other change or novelty in the company that may affect us directly or indirectly. In this way we build loyalty and improve engagement.

– Personalized campaigns. A good database can be segmented in multiple ways. Something similar to what happens, for example, in the case of e-mails or even mail. By age, tastes or interests. We can use the segmentation option to generate effective sales campaigns.

– Use SMS to recover lost sales. For example, let’s imagine that someone has left some purchases in the cart and has not completed the operation. A percentage will never finish the process, but another percentage has simply forgotten to do so, and is willing to resolve the purchase. By reminding you, we saved quite a few sales about to crash.

– Take advantage of opportunities. For example, temporary discounts, Black Friday or the appearance of new products and services in the online store. In this way, we attract more traffic and attention to them.

Some examples in SMS campaigns

We are going to analyze some of the previous cases. Let’s imagine, for example, that you are trying to report an order that has been requested. We can put the following:

«Good morning, Ana. Your order has already left the headquarters and will be there this afternoon. Remember that you can see its position at any time by adding this code in our search engine. Thanks for trusting us”.

It is a simple and informative message . And, in addition, we give the option to enter the website again, so that we not only build loyalty , but also stimulate traffic. This makes it easier for us to become a reference and a trusted brand.

Another example, in the case, for example, of a special offer or that we seek to generate a sale :

“Hello Alberto! You already have a whole new range of quality products here. Designed for you and for your enjoyment, with a reduced price. Discover them in this link: »

Here are important elements that we explain below. Mainly, there are two: segmentation and landing pages.


In any type of communication within digital marketing, it is essential that we maintain a tone, the more personal the better. Mainly, because that will help us to strengthen the bond that we are going to be able to develop with customers. Let’s think that this is something that does not have to take too long, and is not simply limited to knowing its name.

Your age range, your previous purchases, your geographical location, etc. By gathering all the possible data, we can create different lists in the database , so that we send the most relevant offers or opportunities to each of the groups that we have formed.

In this way, we gain proximity and we can refine the advertising that we introduce and send to them much more.

SMS Landings

One of the most important elements within the SMS that we are going to send is the landing that we use. That is, the page that receives users who click on the link of the messages. It is essential that it is attractive and useful to them so that they do not abandon it and, in this way, so that they can meet the objectives we had in mind.

sms landing

How does your design have to work?

– Made to scale. That is, a responsive design that adapts perfectly to the type of mobile in which the page is loaded. In this way, there will be no problems navigating it and users will not abandon it.

– An easy to consume design. The mobile is tactile, the user can easily enlarge or reduce the image. Therefore, let’s try to favor that flexibility with a design very thought for the mobile.

– Think scroll. Put all the text and images in one column and the user can easily navigate through it. Nowadays, the correct way to move online with the mobile has been internalized and widespread, so it will be something positive.

– Short and shocking. Both the text and the images that we are going to introduce must offer the maximum possible amount of information in the smallest space. That it is not a long process to understand and that users do not waste time deciphering what we offer them. Colorful and direct.

SMS layouts

We have different options that we can contract for the plan. The first thing is to define the objective, then the audience and, finally, the content. The latter, generally, is deduced from the two previous points. And in terms of shape, you can have a wide variety of different templates. And, among them, find some more impressive and others more subtle. In this way we can choose the most appropriate to effectively communicate the message you want to convey.

In conclusion, SMS communication can be our great ally to improve ecommerce sales. And at LabsMobile we help you achieve those goals

Note written by:

Magda Girós Guerrero. Marketing Manager at LabsMobile. Specialist in Mobile Marketing and Audiovisual Communication with more than 15 years of experience.

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