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The best places to study digital marketing

Today digital marketing is fast becoming one of the most popular careers in the world. However, according to Search Engine Journal, there is still a talent gap in the market. L os digital marketing jobs take 16 percent longer to complete than other positions and show a growth rate of 30 percent over traditional marketing roles. A McKinley Marketing Partners report on 2017 Marketing Hiring Trends revealed that 56 percent of companies plan to hire more digital marketers in 2017. Meanwhile, the available and active workforce represents only 24 percent . That is, there is more demand for digital marketing positions than people looking to fill those positions. 

Why study digital marketing?

This outlook indicates that it is a great time to get started in digital marketing – the opportunities are immense. It is time to take advantage of this career choice. The options for studying Digital Marketing and training are very varied: from short online courses, diplomas in business schools to bachelor’s degrees and masters in prestigious universities. This article provides a guide for students and professionals who want to start their journey in this exciting (and highly demanded!) Career.

The best places to study digital marketing
demand for marketing talent and available supply of active job seekers in the different areas of Digital Marketing

Where can you study a career in marketing?

In Argentina

Digital house

Digital House is an educational organization with two campuses in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, and one in São Paulo, Brazil, and numerous campuses in the interior of Argentina. Its world class academic proposal is made up of numerous programs in which the general public is trained in the most demanded digital skills of the moment.

Simultaneously, it dictates a series of Executive Programs for executives, managers, professionals and entrepreneurs, and offers in-company courses tailored to the needs of companies. He also has a Bachelor of Digital Business that he teaches together with the University of San Andrés, and a unit called DHSchool through which schools can teach subjects related to digital to students from 5th grade of the primary level to the last of the secondary. Among their short courses they offer: university degree in Digital Marketing, Data Analytics, UX Design, Web and Mobile Programming. To date, Digital House has trained more than 24 thousand people.

21st Century University

Due to its integration of digital at the pedagogical level, the Universidad Siglo 21 is ideal to study digital marketing . With more than 67,000 students and more than 23,000 graduates, it is the private higher-level educational institution most chosen by Argentines, according to official data from the Yearbook of University Statistics of the Ministry of Education of the Nation.

The different study modalities at the 21st Century University attend to the diversity of characteristics and particular circumstances of the students. From face-to-face to virtual, through the possibility of integrating these formats, the modalities Face-to-face, Face-to-face Home, Distributed Education, Distributed Education Home and Learning for Life and virtual Postgraduate programs fulfill the purpose of better adjusting to the reality of the students.

As bachelor’s degrees, they offer bachelor’s degrees in Marketing and Advertising. In addition, they created Cloud 21: an innovative 100% online educational e-learning platform. There they offer courses such as “Diploma in Management and Design of Online Educational Innovation”, “Certificate in Storytelling and Brand Storytelling”, “Certificate in Social Media Applied to Tourism”, “Certificate in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)”, “Certificate in Mobile Marketing ”,“ Certified in Online Advertising Analytics ”and much more.


The National Technological University is another good option to study digital marketing . With a 2016 National Quality Award to its credit, the University defines its mission as follows: “Promote quality in teaching, generation and transfer of knowledge, technological development and links with the environment in the Technological Community. , based on a strong social commitment. To train critical and innovative professionals, capable of improving their environment and the quality of life of those who make it up, from an ethical and social responsibility perspective. “

They offer numerous Online courses: Google Ads, Image and Video Social Media Advertising, Google Analytics, Ecommerce, Content Marketing to name a few. They also have expert diplomas and a two-month Digital Marketing course. According to its website, it is “a course designed for those people who, based on the demand for new 2.0 professionals, want to start the application of marketing strategies carried out in digital media and wish to include new knowledge based in the advances of the latest generation technologies in communication. “

The best places to study digital marketing

In the rest of the world

Duke (United States)

Duke University was founded in 1838 to serve the needs of the community in Randolph County, North Carolina, and over the years it became one of the most prestigious universities in the southeastern United States.

The Digital Media and Marketing Certificate, offered through the Duke University Office of Continuing Studies, is a program designed for individuals who want to improve their skills or study digital marketing . It is one of the most complete programs: with 350 combined instructions / study hours.

The applicant’s age range is 18 years and older. Applicants must be fluent in the English language, both in reading and writing. They must also have computer skills, good Internet access, and an active email account.

The course trains students with the proper skills required to be digital marketing professionals. The curriculum includes: Certified Digital Marketing Associate (DMCA), Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Social Media, Mobile Marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC), Conversion Optimization, Web Analytics, and Email Marketing.

MIT (United States)

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is a private institution founded in 1861. Most of its enrollment is in graduate and professional programs. MIT is ranked # 5 in the 2018 edition of America’s Best Universities and # 2 by Value Colleges for Best Value for an Online Digital Marketing Certificate.

The institute offers the program to study Digital Marketing and Social Media Analytics for many professionals, including senior executives, managers, marketing directors, marketing managers, and agency executives who want to know the rules of marketing in this new digital age to better guide their digital marketing campaigns.

The program is designed in-person and covers a variety of topics including: Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Analytics, User Generated Content Management and Marketing, Mobile Advertising and Commerce, CRM Strategy in the era of big data and digital advertising, Earned Media vs. paid media, predictive modeling for ad targeting and viral product design.

The best places to study digital marketing

Harbor Space (Spain)

Harbor Space’s Master of Digital Marketing program is designed to grow a new generation of leading marketers – digital professionals who can benefit from the explosive growth of online technologies by using the most innovative and cutting-edge tools in their daily work.

The Harbor Space teaching methodology uniquely combines a strong academic background in business, finance, accounting, marketing and strategy studies with in-depth and specific digital knowledge in online video, mobile, viral, social media, and data-driven marketing. You will witness daily the latest innovations from Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix and other big tech companies.

ICESI University (Colombia)

This prestigious university has the AACSB International Accreditation, Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, an international institution that certifies the academic quality of business schools around the world. They offer a diploma in Digital Marketing that is composed of virtual and face-to-face classes. About the diploma they write: “Learn from experts all the basic concepts that will lead you to devise the best and most timely digital strategy. Find out how to create high-value content and how to measure its reach and impact. In addition to achieving a more attractive professional profile, you will receive a Diploma in Digital Marketing with Certification in Google Analytics. “

Seeway (Spain)

This Master in Digital Marketing and Social Networks is aimed at professionals responsible for managing and improving the online presence of their website, offering training totally oriented to practical application in a professional environment and to the study of real cases. Throughout the Master you will learn to implement different digital marketing strategies, how to apply different design, positioning, evaluation and analysis techniques to achieve greater visibility on the network, greater volume of traffic and increase the degree of user loyalty.

Located in the center of Barcelona, ​​Seeway is characterized by being a pioneering training center in face-to-face training in the area of ​​Digital Marketing and Social Networks. All the academic programs taught at the school have as a common denominator that the teaching staff is specialized in their respective areas of knowledge and is currently working as a professional in the sector in important agencies or companies in Barcelona.

Kozminski University (Poland)

This program to study Digital Marketing is a new and innovative specialization in the field of management, conducted in English. The studies are intended to educate a modern marketing manager who: skillfully moves through the conditions of the digital economy, understands the contemporary world and the modern customer. Learn how the Internet can change not just marketing, but also the entire organization, and how to effectively implement that change. Understand how modern technologies such as social media, mobile devices, artificial intelligence or automation change the way the business works.

Universidade Europeia (Portugal)

The uniqueness of this Executive Master in Digital Marketing lies in the combination of a structured approach to the subject and a selection of professors with experience in companies at the forefront of digital marketing who not only master the central concepts of this area but also its practical application in business. reality . This executive program is also an opportunity for those who want to consolidate their skills in this critical area for success in contemporary markets, in order to make the most of digital marketing tools in their daily professional activity.

Istituto Europeo di Design Milan (Italy)

This institute offers a very complete training in the Italian language. After an intensive route of 7 months of classes and more than 3 internships, the participants enter the job market of digital communication in companies or agencies. They deal with different issues related to managing the relationship between the brand and consumers, and they deal with all brand and communication channels. In particular, the course provides highly qualified knowledge as: Social Media Manager, Social Media Specialist, Community Manager, Digital PR Manager, Digital Consultant, and Digital Content Strategist.Here ends our list of establishments to study Marketing but, as always, we invite you to complete it in the comments. Make your suggestions! And if you are in need of a Digital Marketing agency , count on us.

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