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The evolution of the Internet and the market

A couple of decades ago the Internet was seen as a curiosity, as a “good idea” but in the process of creation, or in the process of implementation, the seed was germinating little by little in the minds of its creators. Today is a world apart, a type of parallel universe, the network contains many sectors that are related to elements of people’s lives. Other parts of our life are reproduced, and even modified.

But it is not that it is a science fiction world, it is a habitable universe in which human beings interact and carry out fundamental activities of coexistence and social development, such as communication or commerce. And making mention of the world of markets, the entities that act in them have doubled their image and turned to the Internet, invested and improved their communication skills, to gradually create a highly competitive environment.

By the time you, dear reader, have laid your eyes on this article, the competitive environment of the Internet is already spinning at a thousand revolutions per second in a seemingly endless structure. Organizations and companies design their strategies focused on the importance of embracing the digital world , they want to carry their image, their values ​​and their discourse there, which will shape their reputation, directly related to the quality of their products.

The Internet has taught us that the creative possibilities that can be derived from it will never be exhausted, to help us improve our life, or simply enjoy it more. Although today it is indispensable, in its beginnings it had difficult moments, the company that, for the most part, was in charge of launching it on the market, IBM, currently with a limited presence in it. But the efforts of this company were not in vain, today the Internet is included in the life of each and every one of us, we require it to relax, to de-stress, watch movies and television series, listen to music and meet people. We also require it to work obviously, to advertise and make our brands known: to do business, throughout the world.

Ernesto Uranga

UTEL University

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