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Video Marketing Tips To Get Higher Traffic And Conversions

Online users have a lot of content to consume. They are occupied with a lot of it over the internet and have less time and patience to put in too much focus at anything. They are most interested in something that asks for less time and effort and gives them more value in return.

More content. Less time. Is the equation they are looking for.

They want to interact with dynamic, effortless, and seamless piece of content that takes less time to consume.

Well, that sounds more like a video!

Fixing bad hair, doing planks, preparing baby food, learning French, or just keeping up with the latest news – is now being preferred more in a streaming format.

This is where the need for video content and OTT platforms is gaining a high impetus in an everyday scenario.

Here’s a quick portrayal of the reason why videos are so important for businesses and why they are rising to incredible fame in the digital age more than any format of content creation and distribution.

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This is only going to go big as you see better filming and streaming technologies and cheaper data plans getting accessible to users.

So, as an aware business if you try to make the most out of this shift in digital trends you need to create a strategy and get it implemented with a fool-proof marketing plan.

As you do this, you have a string of choices to dwell on for your video marketing program. There are different methods and techniques that you can try to leverage on your video drives.

But before you do this you need to align your marketing approach with a few experts suggested tips that prove to be the most effective and value-defining in most video marketing situations.

And you should follow these thoroughly to count on higher engagement and conversion value.

Here’s the list of curated tips to explore!

Tip #1 Do Gap Analysis

Creating your video is no big deal. It will be anyway done with some creative help. The challenge is to build the structure and tone of communication for your video content. This has to be well-conceived and precisely attained to suffice your audience interaction goals. Which needs to be taken further with the plan of promotion considering different communication objectives, engagement modes, and practicing channels.

So, you need to make sure there is no gap between what you want to convey and pitch through your video and how it is received by your audiences.

Here, you need to perform a gap analysis. For this, you have to note down points that will help you with creating a storyline and narrative for your video with every aspect of your communication covered well.

Execute tests to identify what influences your users and convert them into buyers through different layers of the acquisition funnel. Also, you need to check what’s in trend and talks and how far you have been able to meet that out with your attempt.

Here you have to point out the deviations and gaps, analyze them, and get an apt solution for it. This gets you to find out what is preventing the video to perform well with your audiences. Making it more presentable, engaging, and effective with all sorts of voids and limitations being eliminated to make your video deliver without a gap.

Tip #2 Use Pattern Interrupts 

Pattern Interrupts are powerful psychological levers. This phenomenon erupts from the scientific fact that emphasizes that the human mind is designed to form patterns of sequences of occurrences and activate and process predictions and presumptions of upcoming events.

If it becomes too predictable and bare as a sequence, they are most likely to drop off the video.

To reduce this chance of abandonment, Pattern Interrupts play a defining role.

But how do they do this?

Pattern Interrupts perk up your content increasing its attention span and engagement value. This is done by tactically breaking the monotony of the flow and narration of the video. This may involve applying different interactive layers into the video, adding intuitive popups, leveraging the content through illustrations and graphics, applying voice modulations, changing camera angles, and implementing video editing techniques to twist and tweak the pattern and flow of content.

This makes your viewers stay on the video for longer and contributes to greater consumption metrics to get you a higher chance at conversions. And this is turning out to be quite effective in getting you a performance breakthrough with video marketing.

Tip #3 SEO matters. A lot! 

Search Engine Optimization is recommended as an imperative practice to get higher visibility and reach for your video. With SEO you can promote your videos on the search networks getting them higher ranks and prominent visibility on search pages.

Irrespective of the theme or idea of communication that your video content takes up, it should be taken through a proper mandate of SEO to gain a higher search authority and value to be easily accessed by high-intent searchers.

It is important for you to adopt SEO as a priority practice if you want to get sustainable results with video marketing. And this is a way to get you high rankings in search results on the OTT platform and the search engine you are targeting for promotions.

While going with Video SEO, you are mostly covering the on-page part. This is much more compact and constrained compared to SEO for websites. Here, you do not need to address those 200 ranking factors.

Well, but that doesn’t make it deliver lesser value in any way. As a matter of fact, this is highly rewarding as Google index videos more regularly and as per SEO experts, a video has about 50 times more chances to appear on the first page of results compared to its textual counterparts. Which means Video Search Engine Optimization gets you more rewards for fewer efforts and you should be always including it in your video marketing plan.

Tip #4 Creativity beats the competition

Creativity is an abstract term. It can never be arrived at and received by two different persons in the same manner. The effect of creative work largely depends on how it is perceived.

But there are definitely ways to identify, measure, and predict the efficacy of results for your creative efforts. And it requires keen analysis and focused efforts to create to best connect with your audiences. Here, you need to know your audience and define their persona so you can just have the right communication and presentation plan to work with them right.

You need to play sensible, artistic, and nifty with your reeling creativity. Think of ways to address and resonate with your audiences across different stages of the acquisition funnel. Make an expert plan to address the content preferences of your audiences. This will allow you to build content that delivers to best serve your audiences going with the finest choices of creativity.

You can elevate your video’s creative impact by addressing these points:

Create an impactful intro: The intro of your video is a way to quickly pitch what’s inside. This is your first effective chance to attract your users and get them to click that view button. So, you got to create an intro to impress, impact, and drive your users to watch your video.

Pattern Interrupts: Again, this is going to be your all-pervasive aid in getting higher engagement value. Use graphic illustrations, anchoring events, intuitive signs, voice modulation techniques, intriguing content, and interactive pops and place them tactically to keep your users amused, aiming at higher viewership and retention time.

Attractive Thumbnails: Thumbnails get your users to see through and take a glance at what’s inside the video. A creatively and intriguingly designed thumbnail can grab the user’s attention and persuade them to watch the video.

Create titles that engage: Your titles should be crisp, catchy, and complete. And should depict the theme and the essence of your video most expressively to attract your user’s attention. It should be framed to feed search engines as much as it is created to grab user attention.

Tip #5 Dive deep into analytics 

To be able to control the way your video is performing you need to check with what’s going in the background. You get a detailed idea and insight into your video’s performance with the statistics and metrics depicted through analytics. This gets you to explore and track data aggregates, current status, value estimates, and growth predictions allowing you to define and set your video marketing plans more effectively and accurately.

Video analytics get you to read, measure, compare and analyze different metrics including views, time-on-video, new visitors, engagement, shares, subscriptions, and other insights into performance.

You can check through these details, measure scores, derive inferences, and crunch numbers to reach important revelations around your efforts for video marketing and the value achieved through it. Here, you can set filters and define arrays to get results as per your requirement. You can compare trends, check statuses, and measure tractions based on selected timelines and parameters for results.

With this, you will be able to know where’s the gap in performance and fix it in time. Also, knowing where the video metrics stand over time, you can track the progress and work towards your traffic and conversion goals. This further allows you to tweak your approaches and practices and get to work more on video deliverables and marketing plans that fetch you the best response from your target audiences.

Tip #6 Use PSP framework of communication

In its expanded form PSP is Problem-Solution-Problem. A framework designed to arrive at an end-user driven problem-solving communication. To help you create content that fits in your purpose to suffice the need of your audiences, to influence them to respond in a certain way to serve your end communication goal.

PSP is a well-experimented and -established technique to get you to ensure if the content you are using fits in the overall idea of communication and serves your mar-com strategy well.

How does it work?

The first thing you do here is to define the problem. Then give it a solution. Add more problems to add more engagement layers to the video communication till the time it seems a good fit. Doing this, you need to look to achieve the quality of content to fulfill your audience communication goals rightly.

So, with PSP you first create a basic problem that is more common with people. Then add problems/solutions that are more intense and elaborative in nature to convert the user into a high-intent prospect to make them ultimately connect with your point-of-sale event.

Say, if you are running dance classes, you can create a video that explains the basic steps of a rare Spanish dance form. Once you get people to respond to it and have built an audience base around it add the next problem bringing props into the scene.

The audience craving to learn more of it will be pushed into the next stage of the funnel through this video.

As they learn it, some of them may be interested in learning more variations of it, which can be the next video in the series. This would include BoF content that should ask them to register them to your online classes to attain perfection in the dance form.

As you do this make sure the content fits your overall strategy and the string of video communication gets more users to reach the climax and get you more traffic and higher chances of conversions.

Tip #7 Go with the Rule of Seven

There’s a marketing convention that has been famously adopted by marketers across both traditional and digital spheres. This is dubbed as the ‘rule of seven’. As per this rule, every brand needs to pass on the marketing message to its audience at least 7 times to trigger them to respond and engage favorably.

In the digital age, when there are so many things going around an individual, this brand communication needs to take an intense form. You need to plan promotions going with a power-packed plan to promote your videos to generate more brand visibility and higher recognition value.

As per marketing studies, content with high visual appeal when surfaced tactically with the rule of seven registers a long-term impact in the audience’s memories. So, you get to do more of it with a well-drafted video marketing strategy in place.

Different ways to do this effectively:

Social Media can be a great way to get your video popular with your audiences. Here, you can use different social media platforms picking up on their networking theme and engagement features to get your videos to establish a seamless social connection.

Emailing can be another effective way to promote your video to a wider group of prospects. Here, you get to share your videos and communicate your offering at an exhaustive scale. This doesn’t require any added efforts and is the method of promotion that involves the least cost.

Paid Advertising is always a great option to get you a promotional boost and seek a faster response from your users. Here, you can go with Facebook Ads and Google AdWords to get premium visibility and accelerated reach across the most prolific ad networks around.

Partner with Social Influencers. They can share and circulate your video across their network of users who follow them closely and staunchly go by their words. This can be a great way to promote your video to a certain interest group with high chances to convert into your customers.

Final words

Videos are going through a phase of swift evolution. There’s something new introduced in the segment of online video advertising every once in a while. Anything that you find much relevant today may get replaced with something more effective and resourceful in a count of days.

So, while you try out these tips, keep them aligned with the latest trends and tactical shifts that are incessantly taking place in the realm of video promotions. This will grant you the most opportunities to drive traffic to your page and get higher conversion value going with video marketing.To know what works best in your situation and how to drive it in the right direction go with pro services taking help from video marketing experts at ESage Digital.

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