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We changed our blog, but we remain the same!

At MD Marketing Digital we are pleased to announce a new look and feel change on our blog.

We change the shape (exterior = appearance), but not the background (interior = contents)

One of the main reasons for making this change in look was to innovate, get out of our comfort zone and stop being the typical blog where the notes are shown one below the other.

In this new design, we seek to generate a different dynamic between the content and the reader.

We wanted to give more relevance to the design following the trends of this last year where, literally, an image speaks louder than a thousand words.


It is no secret to anyone that the different RRSS have turned their attention to the weight given to images, remember that Facebook, for example, does not allow content to be sponsored if it has more than 20% in text, of the total space of the post.

Twitter , for its part, has undergone visual changes in its content, getting closer and closer to the look that Facebook has as a strategy of not being left behind.

It is also notorious how the Instagram and Pinterest platforms (exclusive platforms for publishing images) have gained prominence in daily use for common digital users.

The contents published in the different social networks for the present that generate the most engagement are those that keep a lot of design inside.


In addition to the first, this change allows you to go through the blog visually by the animation that we give to the images. In addition, we also think about the user when reading us: In this new design the content can be appreciated in a much more friendly way.

Join the audiovisual scene and get the most out of your online communications!

Note written by: Itria Lilian Mazza


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