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Best Free Ways To Delete Duplicate Photos On Windows PC

A computer has limited storage which keeps on filling up as time passes and we all know that. But what most of the users don’t know about how space is consumed can become a great problem in the coming future. To avoid such kinds of problems we are sharing the best method and a very common problem which most of the users may face while cleaning their PC.

Duplicates are similar or same images that are saved on various locations in the computer which takes up a lot of space. While most of you have encountered this problem of duplicates in the system but you are still unaware of how to clean your PC?

This article will help you with the methods using which you can easily remove duplicates from your system and make space. Follow the methods below to know more.

2 best ways to delete duplicate photos from your PC

Though there are many sub-methods that you can use to remove duplicates, we have broadly classified them into two categories. Read them below.

  1. Manual Method

We are listing the manual method first because the user always prefers to delete the images and other files by themselves. Using the manual method you will have to manually find the duplicates and remove them from your computer. Though the method is very time-consuming and can be frustrating for some. But later it gives a great sense of achievement which every human thrives for.

Using this method you can delete using many sub-methods but we will share one of the easiest methods to find the duplicates.

The easiest way to find duplicates in the manual method is to search for the file name and select the files which you want to keep. This method can easily find duplicates with the same name but then it also has some drawbacks. The files which have a different name cannot be found using this method, this is the biggest drawback of this method. 

If you feel that you need a simple and easy solution to this problem of duplicate removal then you can try the next step.

  1. Automatic Method

This is the easiest and most convenient method which you can use to remove duplicates from your system easily. The method hardly takes a few minutes to identify duplicates and remove them from the system.

For the automatic method, you need to use free duplicate photo finder and remover tool. There are loads of software available on the internet which offers similar or better features from one another. You can easily choose the software according to your preference.

Once you have finalized the software to use then you just have to install it and run it on your system. Most of the software has the same interface and after you run that software you can find a scan button on the main screen.  After you click on the scan button the software scans all the drives for duplicates and presents them to you. The speed of the scan can vary from system to system and software to software but most of the paid software takes only a few minutes to scan.

After the scan is complete the result will be on the screen consisting of both the original and the duplicates. You can manually choose the images which you want to keep from the list or you can even assign the software to check and delete the duplicate copies automatically.

This method is very easy as compared to all the manual methods. We always recommend our users use automatic methods as it is less time-consuming and frustrating.

It’s a Wrap: Best Free Ways To Delete Duplicate Photos On Windows PC

The above-listed two methods are the easiest for deleting the duplicates from the system. While you can still use other methods if you wish to. While selecting the software for the automatic method, always check what the competitors are offering at what price as it will help you in choosing the best option. We have seen most of the users making mistakes while choosing the software. We would not suggest you blindly trust any software at the first, read more about it and then install the software

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