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How To Come Up With a Great Video Marketing Idea

Have you decided to try video marketing but have no idea how to create the best content for your audience?

At the start, this kind of marketing can seem too complex, but it will turn out to be one of the simplest ways to get your audience glued to your content. It all depends on the video marketing idea that you use and how you execute it.

There is no doubt that video ads have moved from a novel marketing method to a mainstream one. That is why it is an essential channel for every modern marketer who wants to increase their sales. The secret is to create great videos that keep viewers engaged and turn them into buyers.

Read on to find out how to develop the best ideas and turn your marketing campaigns into the most successful projects for your company.

Create Videos That Tell Your Story 

One of the biggest mistakes that marketers make is creating videos that focus on selling products.

Although selling is the ultimate goal, you should not make it the most conspicuous thing in your materials. Potential customers will not want to watch them if they feel that you only want to tell them to buy your products.

If you want to increase your brand recognition, explainer videos can help you do this. They use compelling use cases to communicate the benefits of your product or service. The video should also contain a CEO’s voice, which can create an emotional connection between the viewer and your brand. These videos are an excellent way to grab the audience’s attention and convey your message in an entertaining way. Here are a few tips for producing effective explainer content:

Instead of doing that, focus on creating videos that tell your story and that of your product. You should also connect the product’s story to the problem that it aims to solve. When you do that, you may not even have to ask them to buy it because they already know how much they need it.

When you tell a story, you achieve the following:

  • Elicit emotions
  • Create memories
  • Create relevance for your products
  • Attach a product to your customers’ needs
  • Make viewers want to watch the video to the end

Be sure to make the story of your video cohesive and precise so that viewers can understand what you are saying faster.

Use the Introductions Wisely 

Attention spans for people watching videos are short, and they are even shorter when they are marketing videos. That is why you should bring out your message quickly and generate interest as the videos progress. Nobody will want to watch past the first few seconds if they cannot put a finger on what is in it for them.

The best approach is to use the first few seconds to clarify what you want to showcase. It should also be clear what you expect from the viewers after they watch the entire clip. The aim is to ensure the viewers that whatever they are about to see is worth their time.

Leverage the Power of a Hook 

A good video marketing strategy should see you create a hook at the start of the clip and use it to showcase what is coming up. This is not a summary of your video but a short preview that makes someone understand better what they are about to watch. A hook is also one of the most effective ways to generate interest among viewers.

You can use a narration with a few minutes for a hook, but you do not have to stick to one style. For instance, you can simply have several images showing sequentially at the start of your video, and viewers will know what it is. A good hook supports the introduction, and therefore, you have to make sure that the best parts of the video are included.

Don’t Think About a Video Marketing Idea Without a Thumbnail 

A thumbnail is an image that sits alongside your video and can be seen by viewers before the clip starts playing. This image is an attention grabber, and even before people know what you want to present, they will be eagerly waiting because of it. That is why you should select the best thumbnails for your videos.

Since the biggest use of a thumbnail is to create the all-important first impression, you have to ensure that it portrays the best aspects of your video. It should also be a high-quality image to attract people. For instance, a law firm video specialist will use a thumbnail related to courts or other judicial symbols.

Target Relevant Audiences 

There is only a specific group of people that will be interested in the products and services that you are marketing. These are the people you need to target, and you can only be successful if you have detailed facts about them. For instance, you need to know where they are so that you take the videos to them.

You need information such as:

  • Their location
  • Age
  • Language
  • Gender

If you are thinking about creating content that you can showcase to everyone you meet, you are wasting your resources. You will end up spending a lot of money but getting very few conversions. That is why you should upload your videos on social media if that is where your customers are or use mainstream television channels if most of them watch them.

Use High-Quality Sounds and Subtitles 

Your video marketing campaign should not base on high-quality images in motion alone. You are going to use sound and subtitles to make people understand what you are marketing. As a result, you have to know how to use audio in a way that makes people want to see the clips again.

You do not have to use your voice, especially if you are not convinced that it is the best. You can always create the video and use someone else’s voice. As for the subtitles, ensure that they are visible by using the right fonts, colors, and other effects.

Boost Your Marketing Strategy With a Video Marketing Agency 

Since you know that success with video marketing is based on high-quality productions, you should start by finding an agency that can create them for you. Give them your video marketing idea and let them turn it into reality. You need an agency that uses the latest technology and tools to create videos that propel your marketing campaigns to new heights.

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