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5 Steps You Should Follow to Present a Professional Proposal Letter

5 Steps You Should Follow to Present a Professional Proposal Letter

If you wish to spark the interest of the client or someone who will approve your ideas, your proposal letter should be well written. Many people have their letters rejected as the ideas are not impressive or fail to arrange their thoughts in a structured format. If you are interested in creating a persuasive proposal letter, you have arrived at the right place.

It is imperative that you practice proposal letter writing before you actually send it to someone. You can even seek the assistance of the professional experts associated with the assignment or essay help services. But, if you are attempting to learn the nuances of the writing, you should pay heed to the following points. 

  1. Identify the Requirement of the Clients 

An effective proposal letter begins on a subject that the prospective client is already thinking about: their company requirements. You must think of questions like ‘What are the issues that are hindering the progress? What are their concerns or grievances?’

If you follow these questions, you will feel as if you are part of the conversation that is going on inside their heads. For instance, someone might need SEO optimization for their website. For this, you have to spot the business pain points first. You can begin your letter by congratulating them, which puts the focus on the clients. You can build curiosity by asking a question and not revealing the answer then. 

Finally, you address the pain points. A sample proposal letter opening might look like this. 

‘Congratulations on your success with XYZ website. You have brought smiles and happiness to a lot of families, and are continuing to do so. The enclosed proposal responds to your request for website SEO. We understand that you would like to introduce more landing pages after your merger with the ABC group. The task is challenging as you have to unite two different customer bases. You have to let the customers of ABC group know about your products and services. As a result, you want to ensure more traffic to your website.’

  1. Offer Relevant Solutions 

You should outline your recommended approach once you recognize the pain points of the client. You should use a paragraph to give the reader a broad summary of the desirable outcomes they are searching for.

Your clients will be looking for some insight into your SEO tactics. For example, you can talk about backlinks, secure HTTP, which around 31% of the companies have undertaken already. 

An impressive solution paragraph would look like:

‘We recommend a strong online presence, and spreading the message of the new partnership on social media platforms. This would mean Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Our proposal includes a plan to introduce 4 to 5 landing pages in a span of three months and monitoring the traffic through various SEO measures. The customers can access the pages from mobile, and be a part of a community forum where they can receive technical support.’

  1. State in Brief Your Basic Approach 

Once you have presented the solution, you have to explain the execution process. Remember, for intricate projects, giving consumers an idea of how things will proceed is a good idea.

You need to create a separate paragraph and highlight the activities and the timeline associated with it. These activities would add up and help you offer the solution to your client.  

You can take a look at the example mentioned below to understand the point. 

‘Our process starts with a kick-off meeting between our strategists and your team’s primary stakeholders in digital marketing. We will design multiple wireframe models for you to choose from after deciding on the SEO implementation tactics. We will integrate your input through weekly phone meetings.’

If you are unable to comprehend this, you should seek the assistance of the professional experts associated with assignment or essay help services. 

  1. State Why You Are Different from Others 

If you want to make sure that your client hires you, you should make it a point to state your unique selling attributes. There is no doubt that offering the right solution will take you a step ahead, but it can be offered by any other SEO expert. 

So, when you write the proposal, just highlight some of the key aspects you have to offer. If you consider the example mentioned above, you can state:

‘We offer distinct advantages to the process of optimizing your website. 

  • Our procedure is unique as our SEO expertswill work closely with our marketing team. This ensures that the landing pages will receive more views, and there will also be increased traffic in your existing pages. 
  • Our experts are highly experienced in the field of digital marketing, SEO and SMO. They have helped in improving the search engine rankings of YRT company. 
  • We are located in California, which allows our experts to collaborate with your team. They will provide the required support as per your feedback.’ 

You can also state that ‘63% of the online experiences commence with a search engine. Hence, you have taken the right step for the growth of your company.’

  1. End the Proposal with a CTA

If you wish to end your proposal on a good note, you have to include a Call to Action. Do you know why? Just picture this. An executive working for your client is inundated with various tasks. Nevertheless, he or she reads it and finds it to be interesting. But an urgent task plays spoilsport. The executive sets aside the proposal and you never get to hear about it. 

If you wish to avoid such situations, you incorporate a call to action. This is straightforward and asks the recipient to take action if they find the proposal effective. An example should help you understand this. 

‘After you review the proposal, sign the contract electronically if you like the proposed measures and implementation plan’. I will send an email on Saturday to know if you have further questions regarding the project.’

The key to effective proposal writing is reading a lot of examples. If you explore online, you will come across an ample number of proposal letters by essay writer . Check how the letters begin, the details specified, and how it is concluded. If you do so, you will get better at proposal writing in no time. 

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