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5 Ways to Get Rid of Your Old Couch

One of the best days in your life is when you can finally say goodbye to your old couch and welcome the new one. However, it’s probably not the easiest task in the world. With some models, you might be lucky to be able to disassemble them. That’s usually the case with sofas from a certain Swedish furniture store. Other models, however, pose a big problem. But no worries, you can do it. Check our five tips to get rid of the old couch. If all fails, remember Jiffy Junk is just one call away for professional furniture removal.

Give It Away To Someone Who Loves It

Well, this probably depends a lot on the condition of your old couch. Does it have holes? No? Then it’s perfect to offer it as a gift to someone you know. Ask your friends and your family if either they’d need a couch or if they know of someone who does. Odds are that someone always knows someone who’d need a new couch. Think of people who just got divorced and ended up in a studio apartment for the time being. Maybe there’s a student within your vicinity who’s moving out and needs furniture. Don’t forget about those who are just setting up a cabin or another kind of weekend resort for themselves. 

Even though your sofa might be old, a lot can be achieved with a throw to cover possible spots. The most important point to keep in mind is that it can generally be used again. At best it’s still comfy.


Make a Few Bucks On The Side

Again, this opportunity also depends a lot on the overall condition of your old sofa. What does old even mean? To some people ‘old’ is considered anything that’s only a few years old, to others when an item is at least a decade old. Then there are those who’d consider a sofa ‘old’ when they got it only last year. Believe it or not, furniture styles change with every season just like clothes. 

You may not like your sofa anymore after a year. Maybe you bought one from a catalog or even had a seat on that exact model at the furniture store. But as soon as it was in your home and you took your first seat, you had to realize it’s not comfy. At all. That’d definitely be a good reason to get rid of it. After all, you want to use your sofa to relax. You can’t relax on an uncomfy sofa.

Hence, especially if it’s not that old yet or still in a good condition try to put it up for sale. You could take advantage of platforms such as eBay, Craigslist, Kijiji, or even buy and sell groups on social media. Make it hassle-free for yourself and add a note it’s only available for pickup. Whoever buys it, will come around with a friend or two and a truck for your furniture removal.

Consider Making a Donation

There are tons of people in your country who have nothing. And this literally means nothing. They may have a roof above their heads, but already struggle to put some food on their table. Thus, they can’t afford to buy furniture. Fortunately, people in need are always connected to charities. There are quite a few charities that make sure everyone gets food as well as clothes. But did you know there are also charities who take furniture, such as your old couch? Yes, they do!

On the one hand, some charities directly give your old furniture to people in need. On the other hand, charities need to collect funds for their causes. To do so, they set up a shop with second-hand items for sale, including an old couch. At least one of those charities is certainly also in your area. Just give them a call and ask whether they’d want your old couch. In most cases, they will come around for furniture removal and pick it up when it suits you. 


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Trade Your Old Couch For a New One

You’re certainly not just getting rid of your old couch, but eyeballing a new one. Usually, furniture stores only sell new furniture. More and more customers are asking them, though, if they could also take the old furniture. Some furniture stores have noticed the demand and actually do offer to take your old furniture. However, it’s only a few of them around the US. Those who’d take your old couch only do so if you buy a new couch from them. The Swedish furniture store also takes your old sofa, but only if your old couch was also bought from them. Some may take your old couch for free but send around a contractor. You’ll have to pay those furniture removal collection fees at the end.


Contact a Professional Furniture Removal

Save yourself the hassle of having a furniture store scheduling a removal for you. You can do it yourself, can’t you? The removal of your old couch will most likely be cheaper if you contact a service yourself. Since they also want to earn something, their removal fees are most likely higher via a third party. Moreover, furniture removal via a furniture store doesn’t provide you with options. Check the services in your area and collect some estimates. You’ll certainly find a professional removal who can do it a little cheaper than a store.

Furniture removal services are probably the most convenient method to get rid of your old couch. You won’t have to lift a finger as there’s no heavy lifting implied for you. They’re happy to come into your home and haul it out from where it’s at. But that’s not all a removal service has to offer for you. They’re helping you to clean up the area once that old thing has left the building. Surely, there’s quite some dust and dirt gathered underneath your sofa. Furthermore, they are going to donate it before it’d have to go to the landfill.

Conclusion On Furniture Removal

These are the 5 ways to get rid of your sofa. Attempt one method after another or choose the most convenient from the start:

  • Give it away
  • Sell your old sofa
  • Donate your sofa to a charity
  • Trade your old sofa for a new one
  • Have the pros haul out your couch, worry-free

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