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6 Types of Homes to Utilize Digital Staging

No matter what type of home you have, digital staging can work for you. Contact Bella Staging to find out how staged photos can be tailored for your particular home. They’ll advise you on the perfect design style and work with your real estate agent to optimize your marketing strategy with their virtual staging services.

Using Digital Staging for Different Types of Homes

To give you an idea of what’s possible with virtual staging software, here’s how to adapt the digital staging tool for different types of homes: 

1- Apartment 

Virtually staging an apartment is about making the space work per image with the virtual furniture. Including as much ceiling as you can often give impressions of size when virtual staging a home. Generally, people want to see the kitchen, living room, and master bedroom as a starting point. Clearly, if you have a studio apartment, you’ll need to work with your virtual staging company to make it look like the perfect space. 

2- Condo 

If you have a condo then you might also have a view. Virtually staged photos can work well if you include outdoor balconies. The trick is to take the photos so that the interior gives onto your balcony. That way, your virtual home staging can look even more spacious and unique. Don’t worry too much though because your virtual staging company will know exactly how to do that. Moreover, they’ll match everything with the right modern design style that most condos tend to suit. 

3- Row House 

A row house could be perfect for a family. So, perhaps you want to show the children’s rooms in your virtual staging solutions. Whatever you showcase though, your real estate agent and virtual staging company can advise you on the perfect combination of staged photos. For example, your virtual furniture might be homely and welcoming for kids, guests, and pets. Then again, you can also design the perfect floor plans that your real estate agents will just love showing off to potential buyers. Digital staging is truly versatile.

4- Townhouse 

Perhaps you have one of those beautifully designed colonial or Victorian revivals? You’ll therefore have great fun with your virtual staging company designing the perfect style to blend historic with modern. After all, digital staging is about helping your future buyers dream. Moreover, staging companies know exactly how to do that along with the perfect interior design per photo.

5- Bungalow 

There’s something fun and different about a bungalow. So, when planning the best virtual staging, you should get the design style that mixes contemporary with perhaps a hint of chic or bohemian. Work with your real estate agent and virtual staging company to develop the perfect approach for your ideal buyer. 

6- Mobile Home 

Caravans can be a lifestyle choice. Of course, that’s not always the case. Either way, staged photos can show your potential buyers how to maximize the space. After all, virtual staging software is all about transforming an empty room into something that can be both, in this case, cozy and modern. You can even add an outdoor view to your staged photos. That way you expand on the available space that your future buyers will have at their disposal.  

Getting the Best Virtually Staged Photos 

It’s interesting to note that you can actually work with online apps to transform your photos into staged photos. The price is often the same as when working with a virtual staging company. Although, you don’t get the extra benefit of tailored advice. It’s therefore worth talking to a virtual staging company and they’ll guide you through some of the following highlights: 

  • Neutral colors 
  • Lighting and Angles 
  • Realistic and renovated 

Naturally, it’s important to make staged photos look as real as possible. That’s because you don’t want people to be put off when they see the actual property. Regardless, your virtual staging company will help your buyers visualize living in your property when they virtually stage your home. That means not only adding virtual furniture. It also means doing things like furniture removal and small renovations of anything that looks old and used. 

In terms of design style, it’s generally best to have neutral colors with a splash of brightness, usually with a rug or a throw. Essentially, you don’t want anything that’s too out there so as not to limit your potential buyer pool. 

You can never forget lighting and angles when you create photos, including staged photos. Of course, you can have an image of a room from the front. Regardless, sometimes angles can help you capture more of the ceiling which helps show off space. Of course, your virtual staging company will know how to optimize everything. You’ll therefore have the perfectly staged photos that work for your property. 

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Final Recommendations for Using Digital Staging with Different Home Types

The type of home you have almost doesn’t matter because virtual staging works for all. The main difference though is how you showcase your property. Essentially each type has various features and attributes that need to be shown in their best possible light. Of course, you can use an app to transform your photos into virtually staged photos. On the flip side, sometimes it’s useful working with the experts. After all, they can guide you with the best approach for your particular home. That way, you can support your real estate agent’s marketing strategy and get your home sold at the best possible price. 


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