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Are you ready to leave your Vacuum hanging? Dyson is the answer!

Cable-free vacuums (aka: stick vacuums), free you from tripping in your living room. They are lighter, easier on your back, and rely on batteries so you don’t even have to plug it in.

Accessories vary between vacuum units; some are powerful than others, have better accessories, and most importantly battery longevity. Before heading to the Dyson vacuum sale, think of the size of your space, who occupies it (including pets), and any extra vacuum accessories which would be useful to you.

Cleaning accessories assist in making cleaner better by clearing up various surfaces from dirt to upholstery. Such accessories come more often than not with the vacuum, but it can also be found separately.

Don’t forget the Bells and Whistles!

 >Crevice Tool = It’s a long and narrow accessory that is made for cleaning nooks, crannies, and those other hard-to-reach places.

>Dusting Brush = Is used for collecting hard-to-see dust and dirt. As the brush hair slides over the cleaning area, they aggravate the surface dirt which is then vacuumed by strong suck energy. It’s common to find the Crevice and Dusting Brush tools as 2-in-1 tools for this reason.

>Motorized Pet Tool = Has a small brush roll energized by a small air turbine. As the brush roll spins, it pulls out any kind of ground in hair up to the surface thanks to its powerful suction. The Motorized Pet Tool is not maintenance-free, but pet owners love it, myself included!

>Upholstery Tool: Is made for vacuuming upholstery, stairs, your pet’s bed, and other places that need a good thorough cleaning but are delicate enough to NOT be vacuumed using the Motorized Pet tool.

Keep in mind, there are other cleaning accessories available out there as well, but the list above are the most used and recognized by consumers. If need be, you can order new cleaning accessories from online outlets or at a local retailer near you. Or you can also see what new accessories the next Dyson vacuum sale has to offer too.

I want to keep you appraised on the cleaning accessories because there are many types of vacuums out there. This happens to include upright, cylinder, robot, handheld, and stick vacuums. The way a cable-free vacuum is made offers the easiest mobility and it also has a stick-like body and a small dust compartment chamber that must be regularly emptied as you clean. According to the Dyson Australia team, sticks can be stowed away anywhere, even on the wall!

 A Good Example of a Stick Vacuum is the Dyson V11:

This Dyson has great clean-up on its boost and auto modes plus an innovative screen that counts down the battery life…the final countdown! Anyway, the boost mode has an exceptional effect on carpeted and hardwood floors. There is a catch though. You only get 12 minutes of use before the V11 needs to be recharged.

The auto mode smartly changes the suck power as the vacuum moves between hardwood and carpet, allowing the battery to last much longer. It’s also just as impressive in handheld form, although it’s heavy and requires more effort of use for a longer time versus the V10 Absolute.

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