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Top 5 Cute Instagram Captions

Did you know that over one billion people use Instagram every month?

Instagram hits the sweet spot of eye-catching visuals and cute Instagram captions that makes it one of the top social media apps. Let’s face it, fun, lighthearted quotes are a great way to attract new followers.

If you’d like some inspiration and advice to help you craft your own great captions, read on!

Insta Insider Info

Before we get to the cutest captions, here’s some insider info on how to make the most of your Instagram posts. Understanding the basics of this popular social media platform can help you grow your insta followers.

Instagram captions are limited to about 325 words. To be specific, that’s 2,200 characters. Vary the length of your captions often, throw in some emojis, and stick to your main message.

Tag requests to encourage your followers to take action are great. Try some variations that follow these ideas:

  • Tag a friend who’d love this.
  • Who’s with me?

Inclusivity is important in social media marketing. If you look at the most popular Instagrammers, their captions are inclusive and resonate widely.

Top 5 Cute Instagram Captions

Engaging with your followers means you shouldn’t settle for one-word captions, or worse, none at all. Followers want to hear from you. Use these as inspiration to make your followers laugh and inspire them.

Cute Caption #1 Don’t Be Scared to Poke Fun at Yourself

“I literally have to remind myself all the time that being afraid of things going wrong isn’t the way to make things go right.”

“You never run out of things that can go wrong.”

Did you drop an egg while making breakfast? Maybe you slipped on the driveway walking to your car? The moments that make you cringe are sometimes the best ones to share on social media.

Being vulnerable makes your followers feel better about life when tough things happen to them.

Cute Caption # 2 Smitten With Your Pet? Perfect!

“I know how to purr my way out of everything.”

“Dogs are my favorite people.”

One of the quickest ways to catch the hearts of your followers on social media is to show off your pets. If you love your cat, your followers will feel it and respond!

Cute Caption # 3 Inspire People

“Do more things that make you forget to check your phone.”

Reading on a swing bench in the shade … having a moment with a seal at an aquarium … building a sandcastle with your mini-me’s. All of these moments lend themself to inspiring your followers to live in the present and focus on what’s important.

Cute Caption # 4 Babies!

“7 billion smiles and yours is my favorite.”

Babies are absolute winners on social media. Bonus points if they’re yours, but all babies will get a great response.

Cute Caption # 5 Relatable

“Friday, my second favorite F word.”

Captions that capture what everybody else is thinking are social media gold. Look for common themes that are felt by people worldwide and go with those.

Captivating Instagram Captions 

Use these five types of cute Instagram captions as part of your social media management to engage with your followers, attract new ones and grow your following.

If you found this article helpful, check out more info on using social media under our Social Networks tab.

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