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Why is it Important for the Students to be Aware of the Concept of Collinear Points?

Points that will always lie on the same line will be referred to as the collinear points and these kinds of points are very much relevant in the world of Euclidean geometry. If two or more points will be lying on the same line close or far from each other then they will also be said to be collinear. The term collinear has been combined with the two Latin words which means together and which means online. Hence, these will be the points that will lie together on a single line. There are several kinds of real-life examples justifying this particular concept for example students standing in a straight line, a bunch of Apples kept in a row next to each other and several other kinds of things will be a real-life example of such points.

So, in the world of geometry when two or more points will be said to be collinear they will always lie on the same line. This particular term can also be utilised for the straightened things that will make sure that everything will be in a row or in a particular line. When different kinds of objects will be placed into a single line it will always make sure that they will be clear. The term has been perfectly utilised for straight things as well. Also, it is very much important for the students to enroll themselves on the math experts which is Cuemath that will help in providing them with several kinds of advantages and expert consultancy so that they fetch good marks in the exam. Non-collinear points will be the ones that will not lie into the same lane which is the main reason that they are always referred to as non-collinear. So, to understand different kinds of concepts very clearly it is very vital for the kids to pay proper attention to the classes in this particular chapter because the chapter is very much important and has a good amount of weight is in the examination as well. Different kinds of formula have to be used by the students in this particular area to find out these kinds of points and the following are the formulas which the students have to use:

  • Area of triangle
  • Slope-based formula
  • And the distance formula
  1. If three points will be collinear then they are distance from 1st to 2nd+ distance from 2nd to 3rd will be equal to the distance from 1st to 3rd. So, this particular formula has to be learned by the students and has to be implemented as well to check out the points if they are collinear or not.
  2. In the cases of the slope-based formula when two or more points will be collinear when the slope of two pairs of points will be the same. The slope will always measure the stiffness of the line and in this particular case is the lines will be divided into three sets of pairs in which the slope of the first two should be equal to the other two and should be equal to 1st and 3rd.
  3. With the utilisation of the area of the triangle formula, the students can also check out if the points are collinear or not. If the area of a triangle found by these points will be zero then they will be clear which will make sure that they will not be able to form out a triangle. Hence, the students need to check out this particular point by substituting the value of the points in the area of the triangle formula and if the area of the triangle comes out to be zero then the points will be clear.

Hence, the students can also draw a straight line through the clear points which is the main reason that they must be clear about the basics of this particular area which will help in providing them with several kinds of advantages in the long run.

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