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Facebook Troubleshooting: 5 Common Problems and How to Fix Them

Don’t you hate it when Facebook gives you issues? There always seems to be something wrong with it. Its issues make the news all the time.

Don’t get mad over Facebook problems. Most of the common issues on this social media platform aren’t hard to fix.

Facebook troubleshooting is the key to solving issues. Read this article to learn how to fix five of the most Facebook problems.

Slow Facebook Connection

Is your Facebook slow? No one likes to wait. There are ways to fix this problem.

The first thing you should do is check the Internet connection. Make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi connection. A poor connection might be behind this problem.

Are you still experiencing a poor connection? You can quit the Facebook app and wait a few minutes. Reopen the app to see if it runs faster.

If you’re using a browser to view Facebook, you should refresh the browser. Hit F5 on your keyboard. You can also try to clean the browser cache and data.

Block Annoying Auto-Playing Videos

Do you get a lot of pesky videos pop up on our feed? As soon as you scroll down, they start to play. They’re loud and annoying.

Facebook users can turn off auto-play for videos. To do this, go to Settings & Privacy. Click on the ‘Videos’ tab to open the options. There you can turn off the Auto-Play Videos option.

Facebook Images Not Loading

One of the most common Facebook problems that people report has to do with images. If you love to share pictures on Facebook, you don’t want to experience this problem.

If this happens to you, you should first check your Internet connection. You can restart your phone.

You can also log out and try logging in again. You might need to update the app. If updating it doesn’t work, you should uninstall and reinstall the app.

Facebook Messages Not Working

Are you having trouble with Facebook Messenger? This is a common technical issue. When you need to communicate with someone, you must find a way to fix this issue.

Try clearing the browser cache and data. Update the app if there’s a new version.

If these actions don’t work, the issue might be the server. In this case, you have to wait for Facebook to restore the server.

Facebook Keeps Logging You Out

Nothing might be more annoying than getting logged out of Facebook. If it happens to you several times, you might scream out, “Facebook logged me out again!”

If you’re in the middle of something important, you can’t risk getting logged out. This issue might be due to the auto-logout problem. This is a safety feature that you can override by checking the ‘Remember Me’ box.

Use These Facebook Troubleshooting to Fix Common Problems

If you’re facing any of these five common Facebook problems, you don’t need to get frustrated. Facebook troubleshooting is the way to go. Follow these Facebook troubleshooting tips to fix your Facebook account problems.

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