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Reseller Plan a Start Up for Your Hosting Business

Starting a business and growing was a big deal in the early ’90s when the internet was not booming. But certainly, as the internet came into existence starting a business and growing became a feasible option for many small scales and enterprise-level businesses.

The internet made it easy for people to take their business online and flourish without geographical, age, language barriers. 

How did the internet help people start a business online?

The manual or the legacy business is converted into the website and with the hosting partner made online to the entire world.

The website is created with the help of web developers or CMSs and hosted selecting a precise web hosting type and web hosting service provider. The various types of hosting websites are shared, VPS, reseller, dedicated, WordPress hosting, etc.

You can certainly host your built website using shared, VPS, or dedicated web hosting plans. But planning to start a business as a web host with more subordinate knowledge of web hosting is possible with reseller hosting

Reseller Hosting Briefs

Buying the web hosting plan in bulk and selling the plan by dividing it into chunks is called reseller hosting. Reseller hosting allows you to buy all the resources useful for the website. The various resources provided by the web hosting service provider include cPanel or Plesk accounts, disk space, domains, bandwidth, SSL certificates, databases, email account, etc. 

You being the reseller can buy all the resources and divide it into suitable plans and resell it to your clients.

The reseller usually rents the server space from the web hosting companies and sells it to the clients making a profit on various plans.

As you are buying the reseller web hosting plan from a big web hosting company you are called a reseller host and the company is called the merchant company.

Advantages of Reseller Hosting

No Hosting Knowledge Needed

Starting with the cheap reseller hosting business does not require prior hosting knowledge as all the technical and non-technical issues of your clients are handled by the merchant company. 

Reduced Cost

The reseller plans are reasonably cheap and you can start with the reseller business at a lower cost. You being the reseller host do not need to buy the infrastructure, equipment and need not maintain the infrastructure. The web hosting service provider provides you all the hardware and software facilities needed for hosting websites.

Focus on Business

You can focus on business rather than focusing on the technicalities of the hosting. The server maintenance, security, automatic updates, backups, etc. are all dealt with by the web hosting service provider.

Brand Building

With reseller hosting, you build your own brand. Most of the merchant companies provide white-labeled services. The white-labeled service in web hosting enables you to sell the web hosting plans and services under your brand name. Your client would not know you are renting the server space and the resources from another company.

Income Opportunities

You can surely sell the services at the most preferable rate to your clients making a profit. You can obtain additional profit by selling the add-ons like SSL certificate, domain registration, IPs, services, etc.

While you are ready to start a business as a reseller host it is important to know the best features you can get in the reseller hosting.

Reseller Hosting Features

  1. SSD Disk Space

The company providing the best disk space should opt as it increases the performance of the website. The SSD disks are the most reliable and durable improving the performance of the website. The SSDs works 200 times faster than traditional HDD disks.

  • Unlimited Website Hosting

The company should provide you unlimited web hosting. The best company providing unlimited web hosting for Windows and Linux-based websites is MilesWeb. MilesWeb provides the creation of unlimited cPanel and Plesk accounts. Also, you can host multiple domains under a single cPanel or Plesk account.

  • White-Labeled Hosting

The hosting provider should provide 100% white-labeled hosting. White-labeled hosting enables you to sell your web hosting plan under your brand name without making your clients know about the merchant company. 

The technical service is also provided by the merchant company under your brand name.

  • WHM

The Web Host Manager tool enables you to control website resources. WHM also lets you design and manage multiple cPanel accounts with unlimited websites, emails, etc.

  • One-Click Installer

With the one-click installer tool, you can install 400+ applications in a single click within a few minutes. The various applications that you can install are Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, etc.

  • Datacenter Choice

Having the liberty to choose the data center enables you to reach the targeted audience. Choosing the datacenter in reseller hosting is important to widen your reseller hosting business.

  • Malware Detection and Protection

The merchant company should provide malware detection and protection. Website scanning should be done on a daily basis to protect the websites from malicious threats.

  • Daily Back-ups

The web hosting company should take care of the daily back-ups of all the websites of yours and your clients. 

  • Email Service

The email service enables you and your clients to create multiple emails. 

  1. SSL Certificates

The SSL certificate secures your website from threats. The certificates let you encrypt the website data sent and received over the internet.

  1. Control Panel

The control panel gives you and your clients’ access to the websites. The control panel lets you manage your and clients’ domains, emails, etc. You have the liberty to manage the disk space, bandwidth of your clients’ accounts.

24-7 Client Support

The merchant company should provide 24-7 client support to the reseller and his clients related to all the web hosting issues.

To Conclude:

Starting reseller hosting is one of the finest ways to start your business at the most affordable rate. It is the best hosting model as it provides flexibility. And the best decision is to get the web hosting plan from the company providing managed web hosting.

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